Random Miscellany, pt 98.27670

1) I’ve completed my research assignment for MPJ. I now know a heck of a lot more about Christian education in schools. Whilst I do have a broad interest in education, its more in adult education in churches. Nevertheless, it’s been good to see how theological commitments impact on educational policy. And also a fair bit about Christian parent-controlled schools!

2) I have a sermon to finish preparing for Boxing Day now to do. It’s based on the Hallelujah chorus, and the way its shaping out, it feels like a Biblical theology journey of living in the now-but-not-yet.

3) It was lovely to be at the everything-but-a-wedding and reception of Mark and Tanya. It was also great to catch up with the guys, especially Veithy.

4) As I told Brett Hall, maybe what Australia needs is 5 or 6 Mike Hussey’s. At least we found out that we can bowl England out.

5) Up until this year no one asked me about Logos. Now people wanting to know about Logos are coming from random places and times. Maybe BibleWorks ought to take the hint and revamp their user interface.

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