Merry Christmas, 2010

As my gift, these are random tips for cooking.

1) When baking cheesecake, the key is to not overdo it or it’ll get a big crack. Small cracks are recoverable when it you stick in the fridge because those can still collapse. Ways to avoid disaster include a sheet of foil over the top, and vigilantly staying by the oven to know the exact time of retrieval.

2) When melting chocolate, if you have no idea how to control the chocolate’s temperature, constant stirring can compensate.

3) If you’re a pancake newbie, remember this basic ratio: 1:1:1 – 1 cup of self-raising, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg. Most special touches occur within the 1 cup of floury substance.

4) If you need a cheap meal for a weekend day at Chappo, packet ravioli or tortellini works well, since boiling water is never an issue, and all you need is for the hotplate to work.

5) In general, Silicone > Good baking paper > foil.

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