The Web saga, part 2

Part 1 is the part where I get the keys into the current church website.

The diocese is, apparently, going to ‘centralise’ church websites by hosting it itself, so that one would go to or something along those lines. To that end, our church website (see link, right) will be moving there.

Which means that I have to get the wheels in motion on getting people together to nut out a design for the website.

1 issue: I know almost no one who does graphic design on a website kind of level. Hmmm. Time to ask around.

I feel more than happy to let someone else do the grunt work that is coding of the website. I think that it’s probably best that way, and to make sure that we have access to a shell session so we can at least tinker whenever we need to. But the site layout and other design features will still need to be thought out by us.

Time to go over an old essay I wrote on such things.

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