Random Miscellany, pt 234098

1) Moore College graduation is on tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing friends graduating, as well as Keith Condie preaching the Gospel. It’s 7 for 7:30 at the Angel Place Recital Hall, Thursday 17th March. All welcome!

2) As far as I can tell, Rob Bell is anathema. I think that’s all I’m going to say, seeing as tonnes of other, smarter people who’ve actually read his book pretty much say what I would have if I’d actually read his book (which, given my current amount of reading, probably won’t happen).

3) On the book reviewing front, I just my free copy of Con’s Keep Your Greek from Zondervan. ‘Sponsored’ review to come soon … just as soon as I fit it into that tight reading schedule. Maybe I’ll read it during graduation. Would that be bad?

4) I miss the guys. We’ve basically only got 1 class all together, and I’m pretty much with the same bunch of people in my other subjects – ie. Corky, Doug, John Huynh, and Bruce. Sigh.

One Response to “Random Miscellany, pt 234098”

  1. psychodougie says:

    that’s a good thing we’re all in your classes, yeah?

    but i do agree with your sentiment – i do feel like there’s only about 10 people left in our year!