Keep Your Greek

By Con Campbell,
Zondervan, 2010
$12.95 @ Moore Books

Disclaimer: Con is one of my lecturers. I have one of his albums too.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Zondervan for the free copy they sent to me. I’ve never had a book sent to me for free just to review it, but hey, I like free stuff. But I also like reviewing books.

Con is passionate about Greek. Much of this translates into his book, though thankfully, not his passion for verbal aspect and other areas of research into Koine Greek. This book is here to make you want to keep your Greek. I say want because it’s not a how-to book, though there are many suggestions and the blog comments give some idea of the ways other people maintain or struggle with Greek. Con wants to show you that it is entirely possible to maintain your Greek skills, however much of them you may have, and so overcome the “I can’t do it” guilt that would hold people back from even trying.

Criticisms? [Well, I do want to pass ...] The start of the book feels stronger than some of the later chapters. But really, I do think this book can and will achieve what Con sets out to achieve in writing it.

Also, Stan is mentioned in it. Get the book just for him. Like, to see Stan’s name forever etched into publication history. And also get the book to actually give to Stan so he’ll keep up Greek. And Hebrew too. Miers is in here too, but he could beat me up.

2 Responses to “Keep Your Greek

  1. Stan says:

    HAHAHA! I got my free copy – I mean, how else will people know that Stanley Lie exists if I don’t jump on the backs of those far superior to me?! (It’ll be the only time that I’ll EVER get published in paper format by an actual publisher).

    I’ve been keeping up my Greek – and kind of my Hebrew. Morrow asked TG what ‏מָק֣וֹם meant – I answered HEAPS quicker than TG!!!!! And he didn’t even ask me!

  2. dave miers says:

    Miers is in here too, but he could beat me up.

    haha!! i’m all bark :)