Random Miscellany, pt 4.01

1) I was sick this week. It was fairly bad for a little while. Let me break it down.
- viral infection in head, gut and chest :(
- infection in head = fever, chills = stuck in bed
- infection in chest = cough
- infection in gut = gastro = thanking God my room is damn close to the bathroom
I’ve slowly recovered but I’m not 100%. It’s taken out most of the time I would’ve been preparing for mission. It’s meant I’ve missed a prayer meeting and a fair amount of sport, most of my classes, chaplaincy group, and split chapel. And also flavour.

2) Speaking of mission, I’m going to Oak Flats. I’ll be posting on the Official MTC mission blog just like last year. For those of you who don’t know, Oak Flats is around Shellharbour.

3) I hate being given no topic parameters whatsoever to work with when preaching. What I do is I go to the lectionary, find the relevant spot on the calendar, and make a choice. This worked well last year, as I pulled Philippians 2. This year, well, the fourth Sunday in Lent is not as exciting as Palm Sunday. We’ll see how we go.

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