Post-Oak Flats wrap up

My main contributions at the blog were mainly other people’s contributions, which means I didn’t say much myself.

For the first half of mission, I was mainly trying to fully recover from the nasty virus I had leading into mission and also write a sermon. This prevented me from doing ‘exciting’ stuff, but that’s what team is for.

The day off was nice: brunch at Charissa’s, down to Kiama where most of the party went to the beach while I instead sought a second-hand bookshop and finally got myself a copy of Matthew Reilly’s Hell Island. “Lunch” was a random affair, but we basically hung around the main strip of Kiama, then Julie Philpott joined us, then we went to Graham’s to chillax briefly before heading to Jamberoo pub for dinner. Post-dinner activity was playing a hunting arcade game.

The rest of the week was filled with the usual mission activities. By this time, I was feeling much better, and I’d settled on my sermon, more or less. I’d also figured out how to cope with the foam mattress at the billets. Doug and I seemed to take opposite approaches – he eschewed pillows, whilst I strategically placed them for maximum back support.

My sermon came on the evening of the second Sunday. I recorded Doug and myself using my EyeToy mounted on a mic stand. The video resolution is not great, but it works ok. Ask if you want a copy.

All in all, I found it a great experience, mainly because of the people: warm, strong, hospitable. I pray that they’ll shine brightly to the community of Oak Flats and bring many to a knowledge of God.

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