Quick rate: Usual Marvel fare. Usual ‘turn off your brain’ relaxation movie.

###*** Usual spoiler alert even if I don’t actual spoil anything ***###

Well, we knew it was coming. We knew from when they did the ‘end of movie easter egg’ bit in Iron Man 2 (in case you didn’t know, yes there is another one of those at the end of this movie. At least you get to listen to the Foo Fighters waiting for it). And now it’s here, Thor, in his Marvel film adaptation.

For the modern reinterpretation, they’ve updated the whole ‘Norse god’ mythological thing with quasi-science – Yggdrasil is an analogy for the structure of the universe, bifrost is worm hole generator, etc. etc. Of course, Thor is still a butt-kicker and Mjolnir is smashes stuff, etc. etc.

The story is basically a ‘prince is sent to the dumps to learn humility’ story mixed with ‘competing sons trying to earn admiration of father’. It’s ok. It’s not awesome, but it’s not dumb. You have to give Kenneth Branagh some credit here. The romance is, well, not all that convincing. The action is constrained – I would have liked to see more Thor + hammer action, but, eh. They did The Destroyer quite well however.

Look, anyone looking to find any moral worth for watching this film is seriously not thinking straight. Nevertheless, perhaps the way in which Thor and Loki set about trying to please Odin is worth examining. Not by might, not by trickery, not by works, but by humility and sacrifice. Yeah, that’ll do.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Captain America.

And the Avengers.

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