Flight of the Junketeer


Spent about an hour at work, tying up loose ends, then headed down to the airport. The security people didn’t like my lightsabre (yes, this is a hint as to my costume) so I chucked it into someone’s bag which was going into luggage. These costumes, which we were all bringing, were to be of a movie theme.

Got there, tuned into ABC radio to pick up the cricket, and reclaim aforementioned lightsabre, and head off to the hotel. Turns out I was the only one who knew which one it was and where it was with any amount of confidence, but it was cool. Once again, got a studio suite (has a microwave, enough kitchen utensils to do stuff with, and laundry machine) and settled in before the usual annual “pep talk” from Pete, the ‘supreme overlord’ boss.

Settled in to watch some cricket and eat some food, before setting myself up for my costume.

This costume required me to get:

  1. a lightsabre
  2. some form of robe, preferably brown, but otherwise, as close to it as possible
  3. an oversized shirt in a light khaki kinda colour

In addition, it required:

  • talcum powder
  • a shower cap

Now, if you hadn’t quite worked out yet:

  1. Get talcum powder, and apply to hair
  2. Put shower cap on head, and shake around
  3. Put on my rather favourite linen pants (was a pretty good colour match, plus works in this random spring weather anyway)
  4. Put on oversize shirt, such that it wraps around in front, and tie down using the robe’s belty-thingy
  5. Attach lightsabre to aforementioned belt
  6. Add robe

Got it yet? “Use the Force, Luke.” Obi-wan Kenobi. It was a damn good effort considering.

Anyway, the party was, well, pretty usual as far as parties went. Went to bed, but not before watching some World Poker Tour action on TV (it’s a rather enjoyable late Friday night kinda show) before sleeping.


I’d ordered a big breakfast, since breakfast was on the company, and not on me. Hooray. Spent the time relaxing a little, practising my talk for Wednesday night, and trying to finish as much of this breakfast as possible.

Thanks to all those National Gallery of Victoria ads in our lifts, I knew that there’s a manga exhibition on, on the work of Tezuka, the maker of Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, amongst many others. So I headed off down there, and rather enjoyed it.

Back to the airport, one boring airplane ride and a taxi ride later, and I’m back home, and it starts raining. Isn’t it supposed to do that in Melbourne instead. Oh well.

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