Joined Up Life

By Andrew Cameron
IVP, $23.95 @ Moore Books

If there was one book any Christian should read apart from the Bible, this book surely ought to be high on the list, if not the one.

This book is more or less the distilled essence of Andrew Cameron on Christian ethics. However, it is more than what you may consider to be the study of ethics. For it is also a hermeneutic for using the Bible to think about ethics and a guide to assembling thoughts for making your mind up about life, the universe and everything. What Andrew adeptly shows is that ethical decisions are more than ethical systems. Rather, it is about an ethical life, a ‘gestalt’ as he usually puts it. Essentially, it’s your field of knowledge, assumptions, factors and influences that go into what makes you do the things you do.

This book is highly readable. It is divided into 7 main sections which are then broken up into small readable chapters of no more than about 10 pages each. You’ll probably find yourself reading this on the train or the bus or at breakfast or something.

I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend that you read this book, and also lend it to other people, seeing as it’s going to take a little while to get adequate amounts into people’s hands right now.

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