Making a list, and checking it twice

Top 10 songs that don’t get boring even after hearing them infinitely many times on my MP3 player

10 Neil Finn, She will have her way, from Try Whistling This
9 Hunters and Collectors, Blindeye
8 Pearl Jam, Porch, from Ten
7 Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen Greatest Hits vol 1.
6 Pearl Jam, Sad, it’s a B-side. Available on the Lost Dogs double CD.
5 Queen, Somebody to Love, Queen Greatest Hits vol 1.
4 Split Enz, Charlie, Disrythmia
3 Live, Selling the Drama, from Throwing Copper
2 Queen and David Bowie, Under Pressure, from Hot Space, also on Queen Greatest Hits vol 2.
1 Split Enz, Bold As Brass, from the Extravagenza collection (a live album, ridiculously better than the studio version from Disrythmia)

Best moments of the year, in order of what bubbles to the top of the memory first

1 – Australia hitting the winning runs of the Adelaide Ashes test
2 – Adam Gilchrist belting the living daylights out of the England attack on Day 3 of the Perth Test to get the second fastest test century ever.
3 – The Quantum Reunion
4 – Finishing, and then receiving compliments for, Colossians talk

If it weren’t for this technology, I’d probably be insane at work

10 – WinXP port of Star Control 2
9 – Penny Arcade
8 – thedailyWTF
7 – Solitaire
6 – Walkman – for ABC radio during summer months
5 – Work MP3 library
4 – Dilbert
3 – VSParadise
2 – My MP3 library
1 – Headphones

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