Legions, and other weekend stuff.

T’was a busy weekend. We had the Legion of Superheroes sneak peek, plus it was Carols at church on Sunday night. That was actually rather fortuitous in that it meant that I didn’t have to rock up until something like 7pm, meaning I could play out the last round instead of cutting my losses and running.

Anyway, Legions seems to be a good set, despite my general unfamiliarity with these bunch of teenage superheroes from around the universe (apparently) and their enemies. Then again, does anyone really care that much? (cue nerdy fanboy throwing insults at me in some strange language, which is later revealed to be a comic book language)

Saturday, I didn’t do so well, but then again, I usually do better on occasions that aren’t the first. Sunday, I did quite well on both of the flights, scoring some decent stuff.

Carols was again a rather bland affair. I don’t think it went much longer than an hour and a quarter, judging by the time I got back home. I’m not really all that excited by Carols at our church now. I would really rather like to know if people in the crowd actually sing. Again, the wind played havoc with keeping candlelight stable. A few mosquito bites, was too rather tired from compounded weekend action (had a bit of a headache after calculating so much), so skipped supper and went straight home.

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