Random Miscellany, pt 12.7

1) It’s a rare pleasure to have a winter break without either a due date or a major case of the cold. Or both put together, as happened last year when I was writing my Ecclesiastes essay with pseudoephedrine in my system. I actually did pretty well in that essay, so maybe I should have pseudoephedrine more often when writing …

2) So what have I been doing instead? Jack-all, mostly. I have resumed work on my project, in small measures. I’ve also been losing sleep with a certain bike race.

3) I’ve also been slowly constructing a game world for future use in DnD. It won’t get used anytime soon, but it did allow me to whip out the pencils and crayons out again for making maps, etc. In case you’re wondering, these pencils and crayons go back to my Sunday school teaching days, not all the way back to my childhood.

4) On Monday, there is the option of the CCL seminar on Beauty (MTC, 7pm, $8), and also a public lecture by Iain Provan (of A Biblical History of Israel fame) (Naremburn-Cammeray church, 7 for 7:30, $0). I highly recommend the first, even though I’m not going (sigh) since I’ll be at the second with Earngey.

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