On giving and dinner parties

Last night, our bible study concluded the year with dinner. For this dinner, I decided to bring dessert and made a cake, which turned out quite well considering I haven’t done one in ages and even managed to remember stuff my mum used to do when making cakes. Not going to forget that again too easily.

I also decided that I would give gifts. For me, this is actually unusual, since I generally feel the need to get people something ridiculously unique and perfectly suited. However, it’s probably a measure of the closeness I feel that I decided to get the others something. They were generic gifts, which probably sounds bad, but I say it as opposed to my usual personally tailored specificness.

Anyway, dinner was good – BBQ lamb and sausages, the dessert went down well, and people were pleasantly surprised at the giving of gifts. Apparently, I’m also psychic. Or just have a fine taste in chocolate. It sure does feel good to give – it feels more satisfying than receiving.

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