Finding allegiances

One of the things I’ve expressed before about this project has been the general difficulty of finding out who not only is in the historic premil camp, but who has actually written anything of substance about it. The difficulty has meant that I’ve had to take a different tack – reading through anything and everything written by anyone who is premillennialist and post-trib.

Fortunately, I seem to be on the right track. My project reading has evolved into going through everything by Craig Blomberg and Doug Moo and searching for references to the millennium or eschatology, in addition to GE Ladd, and so far, I’m turning up enough hits to know I can piece together something I can write home about. Who would’ve thought anyone would mention premillennialism in a discussion of the theology of parables? And who would’ve guessed that Doug Moo has a research interest in the created order in NT theology especially with respect ecological concerns? I think I’ll have enough material to get something of substance to PHK in the next two weeks.

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