Surprises that are very pleasant

It’s customary for me to receive a Christmas bonus from work. The last two were, well, I guess rather nice and neat. So I kinda had an idea of what amount I might be expecting this year. Normally, also, our boss calls us over and says “well done, here’s your bonus” and all that. It seems he didn’t the time to do that yesterday, which doesn’t really matter, but the notification of my bonus nearly blew my socks off (despite the fact that I take them off at work). It was significantly more than I thought. Well, I guess given the apparent revenue performance I shouldn’t be that surprised, but, I wasn’t expecting this much extra money. It pushes my actual annual salary up quite a bit.

Now, while this is cool and all, I have to do something with this. Several thoughts come to mind, but perhaps I should hold onto that for a little while yet.

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