Green Lantern

Quick rate: meh.

###*** Usual possible spoiler alert ***###

3d sucks.

Have I mentioned that 3d sucks? It also sucks your wallet.

Anyway, this movie is, well, meh. It doesn’t inspire much awe. It, well, doesn’t do much. Ryan Reynolds starts off as an a-hole who lacks responsibility, and ends up as a some sort of highly responsible type. Why did they even have to start him as an a-hole? Maybe because he naturally is, I don’t know. The CGI is rendered well, but that doesn’t really save you from Ryan Reynold’s acting. Blake Lively is believable as a love interest, but as a fighter pilot? There’s a reason fighter pilots bulk up on muscle mass.

Also, you don’t need to watch the credits to the very end.

Then again, you don’t really need to watch this movie at all.

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