Year + 1

So, it’s been a little over a year since this particular blog has been in existence over at Exetel.

Last year, I was playing cricket and making the biggest, longest and best innings of my life, wondering what was going to happen on beach mission without me, finishing up Sunday School, and having little idea of the future.

This year, I haven’t played cricket this season, I’ve been wondering what beach mission will be like with me this year, not contemplating Sunday School, and having only a slightly more advanced idea of the future.

Some things change …

This year, I learnt to value friends more, recovered my knowledge of doing bible studies and writing and giving talks, got more pay, had many more ideas that I will never really be motivated enough to bring to fruition, stuck to principles, broadened my music collection slightly, organised a reunion, visited an art gallery, defeated the Empire (yet again) and kept one eye open for the return of our Lord.

Next year?

Well, I think next year shall be the year of changing momentum and overcoming life-inertial-mass in order to direct my life somewhere else. How we shall end up in another year’s time? We shall see.

May this celebration of the incarnation of our Lord bring you much grace and happiness.
See you next year.

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