Random Miscellany, pt 2

1) Runners-up in the touch. 3rd year were deserving winners, shame we couldn’t do it again. Did better than our year over all four years, weird.

2) Runner-up in the cake comp, out of 3 cakes, of which 2 were a cake in the conventional sense of the word. The other actual cake was done by a qualified pastry chef, so I’m not bitter. But chocolate cheesecake is still a winner. Now I’ve got to find something to do with these skin care products …

3) I have over 16000 words on my project. The task in the next week will be cleaning up and turning into an initial draft. I still have to add a conclusion. Also I truly hate reading my own work. Erhhhhh.

4) +16000 words? I never, in my life, imagined myself writing that many words in a single document. Flip.

5) Last term of college!?? FLIP! God help us all …

One Response to “Random Miscellany, pt 2”

  1. S says:

    I know bro – last term of college ever, and writing a project!!! I’m starting to get all emotional. I’ll expect a hug sometime next week.