A reflection

No project is worth doing unless it gets you somewhere. Apart from finding that historic premillennialism has some questions it needs to answer, what else has this done for me?

I’ve developed a lot in my biblical theology. In particular, eschatology. What are we hoping for? I’ve got a better grasp of the kingdom as an eschatlogical motif, because we await the perfect rule of God with us on earth.

I’ve also realised how much biblical theology and eschatology go together. This is probably the reason Sydney is mostly amillennial – the whole now-but-not-yet thing and the people-place-rule thing actually describe biblical eschatology quite well.

But we need to be careful about how we describe our hope – its earthly, and a reformation, but not an escape. Pictures can describe things well, but can badly describe if not understood well. So we might need to nuance our understamding of the now-not-yet picture.

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