Fruitful Leaders

Marcus Honeysett
IVP, 2011, $13.95 @ Reformers

Being a leader is one thing. Having more leaders is another. This book is about the latter, though it does not forget the former.

The primary aim of this book is to develop a culture of nurturing leaders in churches. It is written from the UK context, but I am sure that there are plenty of churches for which the situations written about could have been about them. This context is one where leaders are not valued, where the paid minister may be expected to do everything, where no one really knows how leaders are grown or developed, or that leadership development is something you outsource to the Bible colleges or theological colleges. Instead, leaders need to be nurtured within the church. This includes looking after the ones you already have!

The book is easy to read. It’s also cheap. This being my last year of college, I didn’t need convincing about the need to develop leaders. That’s pretty much what I want to do when I get out of here. I was more interested in the ‘how’ questions and other more pragmatic issues. In the short space of the book he doesn’t go greatly in depth about that, but what he does say is helpful and stays on target.

If your church feels stagnant, then you should really take the message of this book to heart. And to the rest of your church. If your church is vibrant and brimming with leaders, then you probably won’t need to hear this so much, but a decent reminder may help you from not going astray.

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