Random Miscellany, pt 3.9

1) Not long to go. 2.5 weeks of semester, 1 project to clean up, print, and bind before final submission, 1 week of stu-vac (almost 2 due to exam timetabling), 2 exams. Sigh.

2) Speaking of project, I’m nearly there. My supervisor has been quite positive. Feedback is fair, and helpful. This little baby of mine will soon reach maturity. Let me know if you want to learn more about biblical eschatology and millennialism.

3) Next year? Standard answer remains “don’t know”, but I am in a discussion. Also, the plan is to go back to the parentals for summer, and then find a place to rent after that. Location depends on what I end up doing next year.

4) Thinking of a holiday after NTE. Except I have no specifics beyond that.

3 Responses to “Random Miscellany, pt 3.9”

  1. Leo says:


    Godo to hear all 4 points.

    Keen to have a read on your project when it is done.

    All the best for nx yr.

  2. Haoran says:

    Are you planning on giving a copy of your project to The Don when he’s here in Sydney?

  3. Jason says:

    He rebuffed me before. I think I’ll return the favour.