Detaining Detention

So, in perhaps the most farcical of ways, Australia will be adopting onshore processing of asylum seekers arriving by boat. Head on over to any news site if you haven’t heard already.

It’s farcical because the Federal Government was ‘forced to’ after resisting the urge to take up an Opposition amendment, because the Government wanted Malaysia as their chief ‘solution’ and not Nauru or other Pacific island state. It’s farcical because this was against the national interest. I thought opinion polling had suggested that offshore processing was not the favoured option. It’s farcical because the Government is playing this as a blame game. It’s like a lover’s spat that results in the baby not being aborted to spite the father …

I, and the many other Australians who lack fear and mistrust, are certainly happy that this has resulted. I just wish they’d stop talking about it like it’s the end of the world.

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