These Last 4 years: boots

These are my faithful ASICS footy boots. I got them in first year, when I realised that the potential volume of grass sports required a good pair of well-fitted footy boots. I got them from the Burwood Westfield Athlete’s Foot, and I think that these are quite possibly the best pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. See, I run faster in these. I feel like I get better acceleration and I can switch to ‘heels-up-knees-up’ speed mode easier in these*. Also, my feet just feel better in these than in any other football boots I’ve worn ever.

These things have played in Monday arvo soccer, touch on Wednesday, and frisbee, which used to be Thursdays but are now on Fridays. I’ve also played in these for the intercollege games, and this last season of soccer with Barneys FC. The wear pattern on the boots is highly indicative of my right-footedness.

All in all, I am fairly fond of these boots, and they remind of all the sport I’ve played whilst here at college.

* – to sprint faster, when running, pull your toes up, keep your heels off the ground, i.e. land on the ball of your foot, and focus on lifting your knees in your running action.


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