These Last 4 Years: oven

This is actually Oven #2. Oven #1 (the black one, for those who remember and mourn its passing) died earlier this year due to uncleanliness. Some might say the uncleanliness of sin, some might say the uncleanliness of overuse without washing. You may scoff at this ‘oven’ – you couldn’t fit a roast in there! But I have won a cake competition from these, and baked many scrumptious delights, such as my famed cheesecake. Baking is such a joy, and the decision way back to go to Kmart and pick one up has repaid itself in so much joy to myself and the many who have delighted in what I’ve made. I doubt I’ll need this bad boy where I’m going, and so I hope that it continues to bring joy, and perhaps more than just frozen pies from the freezer.


One Response to “These Last 4 Years: oven”

  1. S says:

    It’s been good bro. It’s been good.