These Last 4 Years: The Trays

Most men are familiar with the concept of organised chaos. Basically, the room looks like a mess, but in reality, everything is where it needs to be. The location of all necessary items is known, and all is right with the world, or the bedroom at least.

These trays, a cheap Kmart knock-off of an IKEA product, are one means of controlling my chaos. The top tray is for clothes that are ‘in rotation’. Basically, I normally rotate between two sets of outfits over a given week or longer. The stuff I’m not wearing is thus in rotation. It is also the dumping ground of clothes that have been worn at some point. It’s more efficient than putting something away only to find yourself wearing it again the next. It’s all about economising laziness and efficiency into a perfectly balanced equilibrium. The middle tier is for sports gear. The bottom tray is for plastic bags.

As you can see, the whole setup is a little bit of a mess. But it is nevertheless contained into a 0.5m x 0.5 m space in one corner of my room. And I know exactly where the clothes I’m going to put on are.

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