These Last 4 Years: the ergonomic chair

Friday spelt the end of the ergonomic chair era. Some mass donation of office furniture meant all the resos got new chairs. So the chair I am sitting on as I type this is one of those gas lift chairs of the kind that you’d see in the average office (now that takes me back …) But it wasn’t always that way.

The cushion, featured previously, was the first attempt at finding a solution to the general mediocrity of the supplied desk chairs here. They’re the same kind as in DBK, only, a blue-gray colour. That didn’t work, though the cushion has served many other uses besides. The real problem was getting a chair that would not destroy either my back or my glutes, which is what stock standard desk chair was doing to me. So I went and got myself an ergonomic chair.

That chair has supported me through many essays, Greek, Hebrew, a project, and hours of procrastination, and my back has been quite grateful. The upholstering has somewhat failed now, having noticeable dents where my knees and my backside go, though it is still sit-worthy. Nevertheless, for a very long time, it has held me up whilst I used this laptop. A comeback will happen, at my parents place, but I doubt it’ll see through another essay.


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