These Last 4 Years: the room

Before. And after.

I’m going to miss my room. Some people like to call our rooms at Chappo, ‘caves’. But with the amount of stuff that builds up in here, you may be forgiven for thinking that these were TARDISes.

This room has been my home for 4 years. But packed up, the character, the ‘esse’, has gone. Only the name on the wardrobe genealogy and the memories of those who remain and remember are what is left of my presence here.

I will miss waking up and instinctively knowing where to turn my head for the time. I will miss having a basin in my room. I will also miss cheap internet! Ah, but alas, most of all I will miss it simply being my room. The smell, the feel, the vibe, the knowing where everything is, the 2 inches of screen and door between me and the random craziness happening out on the lawn.

This is the last in this series, for now I am gone from Chappo. But I will not forget easily, that much is sure. If this were the room that Jesus were to offer in his house, surely I would take it above the mansions that might line the streets of Hereafter.


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