Chronicle, part 2

Part 1

7am, Setup Day

We’re up, and we’re all gathering at the caravan park to being setup proper. The day is mild – warm but not overly hot, dry and not windy. In other words, the best weather for setup. As one of the kitchen personnel, I’m in charge of a team to get it all setup. The basic layout, for those familiar with how things are, is basically the normal setup flipped around to account for the big fridge being on the other side of the kitchen tent.

One of the different features of mission this year has been that instead of the marquee, we’ve been given permission to use the hall for all of our events. This is awesome as:
1) it saves one heck of a long time on setup
2) allows a more compact configuration

Sometime in the afternoon, Setup Day

Now that the kitchen is basically setup, we need to fill it. Keith is on the bush band for the bushdance, and so it is up to me to interpret his shopping list. I have a team of 6 others and 4 cars, yet it still takes quite a bit of time to get all the stuff. Minimising cost, looking for stuff some of us have never bought in our entire lives, dealing with strange quantities being requested, and then there was the checkout.

Although we have managed to negotiate a special one-time discount prior to getting here, there are 8 trolleys loaded with food to get through the checkout. This takes one heck of a long time – scanning, bagging, keeping similar stuff together, someone getting us boxes, the computer slowing down, credit card clearing, and then the most painful part of all – waiting for the computer to spit out the docket. This alone takes a frighteningly long 10 minutes. At the end of this, I jokingly remark “oh look, I get 4c a litre off petrol”. It’s a good thing I’m not cooking tonight, because I’m tired.

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