Random Miscellany, pt 1357531

1) I’ve restabilised after the emotional trauma of finishing college and everything that entails. I’d still rather be waking up at Chappo, but I guess this will have to do. It’s kinda weird to be in this in-between life. I would like to have the next things sorted out, but I know my sovereign Creator.

2) Leading strand 2 at NTE went ok again. I’ve more-or-less figured out biblical theology now – well, given that my project was based around biblical theology, I really should. This meant that I felt at ease explaining how you use biblical theology to exegete and then apply a passage, and not just the diagram of biblical theology. I think the guys understood, and I hope they’ve finished up from their missions well.

3) My future is still fuzzy, but I’m starting to figure out a strategy. In particular, for those of you who do know, I’m figuring out a ‘legitimate reason to be there’ strategy.

4) To occupy my time in non-brain-less pursuits, I’m reading some classics. Currently reading The Great Gatsby. Pretty good so far. Recommendations welcome.

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