The stories from official notifications

So, it’s official. The Student Union is still useful because I have to get the gowns, etc. through them. :p

But seriously, yes, a little bit of not-yet has become now. A little bit more will come through in a few months, when I’ll be walking the steps to the stage at Angel Place and shaking hands with the Archbishop or duly reverenced representative as he gives me a little piece of paper saying that I successfully completed 4 yrs of Moore College with a distinction average.

It’s all I really wanted to know. Well, I didn’t need to know the honours part, though the marks from the transcript are curious enough. I didn’t know, for instance, that another mark would’ve sent my church history paper into HD land. Geez, maybe I should’ve cleaned it up a bit more. But I am content. I originally had more modest thoughts about where church history would sit in the marking equation. Also, I think these are the highest marks I’ve pulled for a ministry subject. How nice of Archie. Enough of my product will be lying around in JB’s document depository (let the 4th year understand), though I don’t really want to read my own stuff again.

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