Chronicle, part 3

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10am, First teaching day

We’ve cooked our first meal of the mission – breakfast! And now it’s time for the first scoop of the mission. The theme of this mission is the “Carnival”. It was a good photo op since pretty much everyone has their costumes on. I also took some of the completed kitchen.

Sarah Un in kitchen plus her in-laws

More kitchen

Assembling for scooping

Note that all photos I took can be found here.

Prior to this, Ben had given us an illustration to demonstrate the many and myriad tasks that needed to be done during scooping – that we’re like an octopus hive-mind kind of thing. This was to be the first of many appearances of the octopus-insect-hive-mind.

I declined to scoop today, and held the fort and delivered refreshments for them as they finished, and returned to put together the salad or whatever it happened to be for lunch that day.

7:30pm, First teaching day

The bushdance was starting. I had not yet arrived as I was completing the final bits and pieces of clean-up and tidying in the kitchen. I rather like bushdances, but due to lack of participation on the part of wall-flowers and aforementioned lateness, I didn’t get to dance as much as I would have liked.

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