###*** usual potential spoiler alert that you all ignore anyway ***###

Quick rate: acceptable ‘I need to watch something that isn’t sport’ fodder.

When I first found out that there was yet another instalment in the life of Ethan Hunt, well, maybe Tom Cruise needed the money.  Until recently, I hadn’t actually seen the third one, so that they’d have a fourth? What more could be done?

The screenplay appears to be based around “what would happen if the MI team had no backup, limited access to stuff, faulty tech, and a little bit of bad luck?” Answer: this movie.  It’s the usual fare for a Mission Impossible movie – ridiculous stunts, tech that shouldn’t exist (but I’d rather like the contact lens, well, but in my glasses), and plenty of locations. The action is fine, the plot is acceptable, and Simon Pegg is mildly entertaining.  There’s not much more I really need to say about this – it’s not awesome but it’s not rubbish either.  Need some distraction from a collapsing top order?  Right here.

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