Random Miscellany, pt 329

1) Last year, the Australian cricket team sucked with the kind of suckage expected of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, a whirlpool, or maybe even the mighty Sarlacc. This year, our bowlers have discovered that you actually take wickets when you bowl at the right spot on the pitch, and the oldies have shown the young guys how to bat. Woohoo for 2-0 up! Let’s hope I’m not eating my words by the time we’re done at the WACA.

2) Also, congratulations are in order for Michael Clark. Hence today’s number. Matthew Hayden’s, whilst high, was arguably hollow given that it was against Zimbabwe, which these days is a shadow of a nation, let alone playing international cricket. Congratulations are also in order for being thinking of the team ahead of the self.

3) Happy New Year, btw. I don’t do ‘resolutions’. As Yoda says, ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ I have, however, put together an exercise book in which to hold and record prayer points of my classmates. Wherever you guys are, I’ll be praying. That’s the resolution. Of course, it helps if you give me something specific to pray for.

4) Small update about me. Waiting on an interview. Will probably be within the next fortnight.

One Response to “Random Miscellany, pt 329”

  1. Mark Earngey says:

    Awesome bro – thanks for your thoughtfulness in praying for us!

    I’m excited to hear how the interview goes. Will be praying that it opens a wonderful door for you to serve!