Could the real Indian XI come out to play?

Going into this series, I wasn’t entirely confident that Australia had what it took to take down the likes of Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman. I thought that there might be a draw or two.

Well, screw that.

India are a pale shadow of a test team. Bangladesh could well be more competitive than this. None of them have made a ton in this series. Whilst at the SCG, on a batsman’s paradise, they threatened to do so, they failed to convert into 3-figures.

On the other hand, Australia seem to have innumerable depth of pace talent. In the series against NZ, Mitchell Starc was, well, another guy. But yesterday he showed us how good he can be, especially when he got Tendulkar out. I cannot believe that we have destroyed India. I cannot believe that I have lost so many potential days of watching cricket because they have failed to make it to day 5 these three times, and to day 4 at the WACA. I do hope that India plays a whole bunch of different guys in Adelaide ‘for the heck of it’. They have nothing to lose now, they may as well throw in their young guys (if they have any). Let’s hope we see a good 5 days of test cricket next week.

PS. I hate you channel 9 for taking the Tour Down Under from SBS and then putting it on at 10:30 at night. I could’ve had some sport to watch in the afternoon if it were on SBS.

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