Various tennis-related comments

1) I reckon Sam Stosur is allergic to Melbourne Park. I wasn’t surprised, but, well, Tomic is still going. Speaking of which …

2) I recall watching Tomic’s match against Djokovic in the Wimbledon quarter-final. In that game, I noted that whilst Tomic’s A-game was clearly very good, his B and C-games just could not match Novak’s. This year, Tomic appears to be a more mature player. He clearly knows how to win a tennis match, and he also doesn’t appear to be a jerk – always a plus. Time is on his side, and so even if he fails against Dolgopolov tomorrow, in the coming years I think we’ll see him becoming a consistently top player.

3) As far as sports on television go, tennis is a strange beast. In the early rounds, there are heaps of matches going on at the same time, but the attention is generally given to the big names or Aussies. However, with matches involving big names in early rounds, they tend to be walkovers. That can, sadly, also apply to the Aussies. This means that, well, it’s not that entertaining. Now, seven does cut to more interesting stuff on the other show courts every so often, but I’d rather watch something that was interesting all the way through. Then again, tennis matches don’t tend to be interesting all the way through. The first few games of a set can be somewhat bland if the two are holding back for a bigger, more important game in the set a little further. Not often do you see people going all out in the first game of a set.

4) I’d rather watch a bunch of bikes riding competitively in South Australia with the voice of Phil Liggett commentating than the tennis. Well, Australian coverage of tennis anyway. I hear John McEnroe is a much more exciting commentator. Anyway. I am not afforded this opportunity because nine are a bunch of n00bs. Instead, they offer such fare as The View and Days of Our Lives. As if I’m going to watch a highlights package at 11:30 at night! I’m not waiting up to watch that! Maybe they assume that because Le Tour is on at that kind of hour, cycling watchers are used to destroying their sleep time? People stay up that late to watch things LIVE, not as HIGHLIGHTS.

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  1. psychodougie says:

    hear hear, well spoken bruce.