Chronicle, part 4

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10am, Second teaching day

Today, I went scooping. Having been out of practice, I didn’t quite have the technique down pat, misqueuing keys, and treading on many things and people while walking backwards, and needing reminder about chants. Nevertheless, it was a fun exercise.

Lunch, Second teaching day

We had put together tacos for lunch, and as I was waiting in line at the back, Jeremy complained of the singing. So, I sung “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” To which Haoran and Luke Payne joined in on the Bohemian Rhapsody.

2pm, Second teaching day

Tonight is the adults dinner, which is the hardest and most demanding meal to cook, simply because of number and need to impress. And impress we did, and demanded we were.

We made:
1) Roast lamb cooked with eggplant and onion, with an accompanying tomato sauce
2) Apricot chicken
3) Whole baked carrots in red wine vinegar
4) Baked potato and sweet potato
Chris Denison, Kelly’s mum, made an apple crumble for us to help save time, and Matt and Moni, the Swiss German people who formerly owned and operated a gelato business, made us some gelato and sorbet, which went down well as usual.

The dinner was a roaring success. The lamb, sauce and carrots were a Jamie Oliver recipe, and they were awesome. Except I didn’t get much sauce to taste the awesomeness of it, but everyone who had it loved it. Those who were not used to carrots cooked in the way we had done it were also blown away, marvelling at the ability to make carrots taste so good. It showed me that I would not have too many problems with cooking for the rest of the week, and I slept soundly that night.

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