Random Miscellany, pt 6e

1) It’s nice that some other people actually still blog these days. You may or may not have already caught wind of Erro’s little article re: MTC (here). Once again demonstrates that Erro is much more capable of expressing what pretty much the rest of us feel. Thinking about doing a theological education? Go read that article. He’s nice to read on all the other stuff he writes about too.

2) The waiting game is getting particularly torturous, especially with the current rainy conditions we seem to be experiencing in Sydney at the moment. This lesson in patience is going on too long, God!

3) In the meantime, I’m exercising my mind with Mark in Greek and vol 1 of Bav, and exercising my body in preparation for the soccer season. I don’t think I’ve done more crunches and push ups in any other part of my life. My left ankle, however, remains weakened, probably from netball, the season for which, due to the calamatous rain conditions, is still going!

4) Is it just me or is there some pre-negotiated script for the cricket? I feel like I’ve seen this before … Here’s hoping India do something different. Maybe that’d make it a twist ending?

5) Men’s tennis > Women’s tennis. I’d like to see Clijsters and Kvitova in the final just so I don’t have to bear the grunting of Azarenka and Sharapova.

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