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Breakfast, Third teaching day

The camp family on mission this year was the Payne family, and it was rather fun and great having Tony and Alison and their five kids – Gemma, Chloe, Miriam, Luke and Nick. Tony was giving the morning talks as well as helping with guitar skills and doing his Fatherhood seminar later in the week.

The morning talks were on the first few chapters on John’s gospel, and I thought that they were very good. I’m quite familiar with John’s gospel, and I like it a fair bit, yet even so, Tony’s talks were interesting and informative, concise yet accurate. Today was on chapter 2 – the wedding in Cana, and the temple kerfuffle – and it was no exception.

Evening, Third teaching day

Tonight was “everywhere is somewhere different” night. Wyld was having a messy games night, and had bought a heap of various stuff to do this. Keith had forgotten to add these to the cart, and seeing as it was an entire load of stuff that was required, he essentially spat the dummy, leaving Wyld to acquire the items themselves. Oh well, but by the muck that was left afterwards, the night went well regardless.

It was also the first instance of sections having their own night off. The married people and the non-teaching section people also had nights off, but this is the first time that entire sections have been designated to have a night off. I think this is good idea – mission is tiring, and time to relax is necessary.

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