Chronicle, part 6

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Morning, Church Day

Church Day is like a half day off for the cooks – we don’t have to do lunch. This year, I went to Toormina Christian Fellowship, a Brethren church. It’s a small church, and the Brethren would be considered peculiar. Nevertheless it was a good experience. I met someone who was visiting from Sydney who happened to also be a programmer, and who knew people from St James. Incredible. They have a 2-phase service – a regular service at 9, and then at 10:30, they have a “prophesy time” type service, where basically, the men can get up and pray or suggest songs or read from the Bible as they feel carried to do so by the Spirit. Afterwards, we had lunch with the church, with much variety of dessert, and they also gave us a watermelon and some radishes, which we struggled to find something to do with for a while.

Evening, Church Day

Church day also happens to be New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, on New Year’s Eve, we’ve had a communion as a team altogether in the evening. Me being the multi-talented, resourceful guy that I am, had brought my Australian Prayer Book (the good one) to mission to use to help Ben out in this regard. In the end, I ended up putting together the entire order, which after some cleaning up, will become Communion service v2 published somewhere here or elsewhere. Communion went well, and the new year passed by as it always does for me – another day, another year.

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