The Avengers

Quick rate: A top-notch film. Very, very well done. You should see it.

***### Obligatory spoiler alert that I put at the top of every one of these movie posts, regardless of whether I actually spoil anything ###***


When I first heard that Joss Whedon was directng The Avengers, my expectations of its quality greatly increased. See, some people suck at movies. Like, say, Michael Bay and his handling of Transformers. But Joss Whedon, well, he’s a geek. He gets stuff that geeks get. And the Avengers, indeed any Marvel or DC realm, is certainly something that falls well within the range of geekdom. And Joss has not disappointed. He has, in fact, exceeded my expectations.

Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Marvel film project has been building up to the Avengers since Iron Man, though there is a post-credits teaser at the end of the Edward Norton The Incredible Hulk to tie in the Hulk. With the introductions of Thor and finally Captain America last year, the deck was complete. A number of side characters from those films reprise their roles here. Now, the pitfall of some ensemble movies like this is that some guys might just be lame or the screentime just isn’t really shared around. However, here, well, everyone gets a piece of the action. In particular, there are some nods to fan debates about ‘who would win between …’ by having some great fights. In this regard, one sees how good Joss is at mixing in fanboy stuff without spoiling the film. Notable match-ups: Thor vs Iron Man, and Thor vs the Hulk. In addition, there are just some great scenes. Like when the Hulk meets Loki. Heheheheh.

The storyline is credible, i.e. not crap. That’s usually the first thing to go in these action movies. Apart from the ‘all the enemies suddenly die at the end’ bit, it works well.

The action all round is great. The helicarrier is great. There are many, many great things about this movie. You really should watch it. It’ll make you smile.

ps. you don’t need to watch all the credits. Once you’ve seen the scene, there’s nothing more to wait for.
And if you have no idea who the guy is in the scene, go here

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