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Morning, New Years Day

New Years Day is the day and night off. We go to a little town called Mylestom which has a park which is sandwiched by the ocean to the east and the river to the west. It’s a neat little spot not too far from Sawtell.

Relaxing on the day off

Not quite the heat of the day yet

Some people played board games, played soccer, played cricket, went to the beach or river at various times, or otherwise relaxed.


Andrew Tyson relaxing

Taking catches


Jeremy Simpson (background) and the Press Gallery

Evening, New Years Day

The usual hijinks ensued at the Team Dinner on the night off. Instead of Celebrity Head, we had a kind of all-in celebrity head where everyone. You were either an object which had some sort of infamy over the last few days, or a person, who was likely connected to that object – eg. Jeremy’s Car, and a Broken Alternator Belt (ask later).

We then had a kind of theatre-sports-esque activity, in which teams had to act out various episodes of activites on mission, but in a certain style and roughly following strange plot lines. The 4 episodes were:
1) Wash-up, in the form of a soap opera. Amidst the turmoils of mission, wash-up is “infected” with Germans, but the day is saved by Hygiene Hero, and his side-kick Soap Suds.
2) Driving to mission, as a kung-fu movie, wherein various people get lost or breakdown, and are then attacked by rogue ninjas, played rather enthusiastically by Luke and Nick Payne.
3) (the team I was on) Sawtell Showtime (the name for the morning play which forms the base of the morning program) as a horror movie. Mysterious deaths plague the cast of Sawtell Showtime, which it turns out were all caused by the Minimites.
4) Putting up tents, in the style of The Matrix. The tent raising team keep putting up the same tent, only to find there is always something wrong meaning they have to start over. However, mysterious strangers reveal the truth to Mr. Andrew, aka Tyson “The One”, followed by the climatic battle against Agent Stonehouse, played by Tyson Fischer.

A rather entertaining day it was and a good break.

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