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11am, Fourth teaching day

Firstly, it’s the start of the Sydney test, which makes us all glad that cricket action is back on. One thing I noticed was that scooping sounded flat. A good scoop gives a clear ring, but it was patchy at best. Only when people were closer could I really tell.

Secondly, I had completed an interim leaderboard for the orderlies comp. Keith wasn’t keeping score, but I was. However, there were … ulterior motives at work.

Section Arrogance Obsequiousness Parsimony Blatant Showmanship Possession of Super-powers Total
Minis 3 10 2 7 6 28
Holiday Club 10 9 9 10 0 38
Wyld 5 3 5 5 3 21
Glucose 7 3 6 0 1 17
Theos 8 8 8 8 1 33

As you can see, the criteria are some of the most bogus, stupid criteria ever. However, this is mission, and people aren’t quite sure if I’m serious or not, and whether the totals are serious or not, and most people have little clue what parsimony or obsequiousness are.

I know some people from mission will be reading this, so let me speak a little of what I noticed. The sections that seemed to do better at orderlies duties were those who had experienced people at the helm. This is regardless of any of the usual stunts. As one who has tried to win the orderlies cup many times, I’ve never felt rewarded for being able to do all the basic things well. The final analysis will likely carry the reverse bias.

The entire exercise was:
1) me getting drunk on my own power
2) an investigation to see how people would react

Arrogance was there basically to annoy. The categories of obsequiusness and blatant showmanship were included to see if people would see those things as good things or not. Should Christian service be about making false, fawning, fulsome overtures, or humble service? Parsimony was basically made up for no apparent reason other than no one would have clue. Possession of super-powers was completely arbitrary. I will be making a fuller explanation on how I judged the orderlies comp and the results when the reunion comes around.

Evening, Fourth teaching day

Tonight is the Fatherhood seminar hosted by Tony Payne. However, I’ve been feeling flat, and so I take a shower and head to bed somewhat early. The emotional wear and tear is probably getting to me, and I’ll need to make sure I don’t lose it early.

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