The Amazing Spider-man

###*** Usual alert that I may potentially have spoiled something. Or not. Meh. ***###

Quick rate: Neither Amazing nor Spectacular. Adequate, though.

So, they restarted another super-hero franchise. Out with Tobey and Kirsten. In with the latest generation of beautiful young things. Andrew Garfield, whom some will recall from his performance as Eduardo in The Social Network, plays the young troubled Peter Parker. His love interest in Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, who apparently has been on things, but since I’m, like, over 30, I have no idea what unless I decide to go to IMDB right now. No, I don’t really care that much. Apart from my cynicism that these leads appear to be too old for high schoolers, and my general picking of plot points and important elements, it was ok though. Sally Field and Martin Sheen, as Pete’s aunt and uncle respectively, do a fine job with their little amount of screen time. It’s also refreshing to have an Aunt May who isn’t already old and white. I always thought that was just wrong. I’ve also generally been fine with Dennis Leary in roles for which he generally needs the cashola. Pity he doesn’t make it, then again, given my knowledge of the comics, Gwen Stacy don’t have long to live either …
The movie is essentially a standard rehash of the Curt Connors/Reptile storyline. His turn into villainy, though, seems, well, contrived and unconvincing. A new back-thread of the mystery surrounding Peter’s parents is added, which I imagine will be examined further in the requisite sequels. I imagine that it’ll also have something to do with Norman Osborn and his mystery illness, as well as whoever the mysterious ‘man in shadows’ in the post-credit scenes is. Of course, I imagine this will all turn out just fine ….
Also, one of those ‘linger too long on things’* moments reveals that, in all probability someone is going to take Peter’s blood and probably clone him.

Since, however, this is all being run by Sony, don’t expect any tie in to the Avengers. Other than that, this is a truly adequate mid-year school holiday movie. Personally, I’m hanging out for Batman.

* when an otherwise insignificant event is shown for a little longer than an insignificant event should, making it significant. Kim Baker knows what I’m talking about.

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