The Bourne Legacy

***!!!### Spoiler alert – there are no spoilers. Just saying. ###!!!***

Quick rate: it’s alright

Sometimes, I think, analysis can take a lot of fun out of a movie. This is why education on narrative forms can take a lot of fun out of movies – you suddenly gain access to a whole new vocabulary for saying what you’ve always wanted to say, but previously could only resolve as, “That was alright.”

This movie essentially takes the whole Bourne film series secret CIA formula, and makes the MacGuffin a tangible object. Previously, the MacGuffin has been Bourne’s identity and the truth about Treadstone – both somewhat abstract or mental ideas. Now, the MacGuffin is instead medications that this current breed of covert operatives require. You probably don’t need to care why. It is a MacGuffin after all.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Describing it like this may well have just eroded all sense of fun out of watching a movie. No, the movie is highly watchable. I credit this to the fact that (a) Rachel Weisz has always been great on screen, (b) Jeremy Renner is a convincing protagonist, and (c) the camera work did not make me want to puke from motion sickness. You may not have realised that (c) was a factor, but then, you probably don’t want to puke either. The movie moves at a good pace, the action is fine, and there’s no random sex. It’s not as intense as the Matt Damon Bourne Trilogy, I don’t think (probably because of the camera work), and it’s not brilliant either, but it does fine as something you might want to relax your brain for, though probably not as much as, say, the upcoming Expendables 2.

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