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10 am, Fifth teaching day

Scooping needed a shot in the arm, and I had the medicine.

It was raining, yes; I was trying to hold a pole and sing loud and carry a water bottle and be active all at the same time, yes; I was dripping in sweat by the end, yes; but it was good.

I didn’t really want to be carrying a pole for our rain-protection tarp, because I knew that my role in scooping is at the front, not in the pack. But Alex kept looking at me expecting me to take that pole, and that pole wasn’t going to carry itself. Yet still, I led with my voice.

I don’t know how I do it, but I have the loudest voice on mission during scooping, have some ability with singing, can sing scooping songs to some degree or another and walk backwards and sing at volume all and do actions all at the same time. I don’t often acknowledge my own natural talents, but somehow a whole bunch of different skills learnt at a young age combined with some quirk of biology means I have this ability. And it is good.

7pm, Fifth teaching day

Wyld, Glucose, and Theos all have a night off. However, they are going ice-skating, which means abandoning wash-up despite the fact that Glucose is on orderlies. I’m not impressed, and once again it’s another flat night needing sleep.

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