City navigation 101: My favourite back-routes, part 1

Today, how I get past the M5 on Tuesday nights.

The first part of driving to Tuesday night RPG is getting through the section of the Met3 marked in black.

The problem: There are 5 red lights, of which, the M5 switches frequently, and Broadarrow Rd and Stoney Creek Rd both have a good chance you’ll need to stop. Vanessa St has a weird switching pattern as well. The M5 and the rail line combine to make a harder crossing, for which the only ways across are at King Georges, Narwee centre, and Bonds Rd.

Starting point – home – not on the map, but you’d just have to follow Boundary for a little longer.

The possible routes
1) Straight through. Come out of Penshurst at Forest Rd, and hope the lights go your way. Fine at every other time of day.
2) Come in at Stoney Creek – hardly makes a difference.
3) Come in at the little side road before Beverly Hills station – the light takes a really long time to switch.
4) Come in at Broadarrow – left turn into King Georges is usually queued up. Getting through Narwee via Bryant can be hit-and-miss, though you can still come in to Broadarrow at Bonds. You still have to get past the M5.
5) Come in much, much later at Canterbury Rd – Canterbury Rd is always worse.
6) Martin St? – you can’t actually go through Roselands, :( so this isn’t actually an option, hence why it isn’t marked.
7) My current route – come in at Shorter Ave
You’ll note that this is marked in blue on the map.
This route has various advantages, starting with the trivial:
a) the servo at Bonds and Rominy is usually cheap.
b) Stoney Creek is the only main obstacle, but is usually cleared in one light cycle. (no, not the TRON light cycles …)
c) the light at Narwee has a tendency to move slowly, but there are multiple routes to bypass it, even up to 20 metres before the light.
d) main reason: the light at Shorter is usually about 1 or 2 cars turning left, tops, and will switch with the M5.
One caveat – this route does not work at school times, because a school sits on the corner of Shorter and King Georges. See previous post on times if you don’t understand why this is so.

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