City navigation 101: My favourite back-routes, part 2

This is the Erko bypass. If you plan on living in Newtown at Moore, and plan on driving, you need to know that King St sucks for traffic. Parked cars, many buses, and plenty of lights. That’s why, if you plan on thinking of driving through King St, stop now. This route is if you need to take King St all the way to the Princes Highway (e.g. to go in the direction of Hurstville or the Shire), and the principle works both ways.

The bypass starts at where King St becomes Princes Highway at the St Peters railway station. Instead of going straight through, you take a right, and then turn left at the first light. The next bit is my little light dodge. Instead of taking the left at the light at the park, you take the left at the roundabout beforehand and rejoin it by taking the lane that goes round the park. This pretty much means that you don’t have to wait for a light to switch your direction. The next bit, depending on time, probably requires a little bit of ‘assertiveness’. You take the first right after the Erko railway bridge, and then go past Mcdonaldtown station and slip onto Wilson St. From there, for most people, its ‘look for a park’ time, usually along Golden Grove or Forbes St.

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