City Navigation 101: My favourite back-routes, part 3

Bypassing the bypass

Campsie is a pain to drive through. That’s why, depending on which way you’re going, you use one of two well trodden bypass routes. Thing is, Campsie is such a pain to drive through that one section of the bypass sucks.

Normally, if one is going to/from Croydon Park from/to Canterbury Rd westbound, you’ll take the route shown in red. However, Ninth Ave has two particularly annoying speed bumps and a traffic light. If you just looked at the map, you’d think that Eighth may be viable, but the map doesn’t show the median strip cutting off straight through at Fifth. In addition, Ninth leads to Belmore, making it well used and producing a bit of traffic at Ninth and Loch.


Option 1: The gamble

Go down Campsie St instead of Ninth.

Pro: no speed bumps, light. Lights before and after can open a turning window.

- the entry of Campsie at Beamish is a zebra crossing that sees a fair amount of use. Definitely really bad during peak shopping times.
- for some reason (i.e., I think it’s stupid) , a fair number of people decide to turn right here. Combo with the above and you can be stuck waiting behind someone for quite some time.

Option 2: completely avoid the middle of Campsie

Instead of coming down/going up to Croydon Park via Brighton, you can work your way up via either Burwood Rd (which leads down to Fifth) or Second Ave. Don’t use Burwood Rd if you need to turn right onto Georges River Rd, because it’s a no right turn. In that case, you use Second. Despite the speed bumps on Second, these ones aren’t annoying, and it’s usually fairly free of traffic.

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