NaGaDeMon: Prelude

I’ve decided to participate in this. Potted summary: It’s like NaNoWriMo, only for games. Don’t know about either? Think of it as a “heightened game/novel-making season”. I’m also aware that it will be Movember as well. And while I’m at it, it’ll be my birthday in a few weeks. November sure is busy!

Anyway, I have a far simpler idea for a game than my previous ones that should also be easier to implement. That’s because it’s a party game in the sense of Balderdash, and the scoring mechanic I think is essentially the same as Say Anything. The game is inspired by the US presidential election debates. It is inspired by the seeming inability of the candidates to actually answer the question properly. Or rather, their “skill” at being able to turn any question into a means of spouting catchwords/phrases and highlighting certain policy positions again and again and again. Who’d've thought a debate on foreign policy would feature so many references to the domestic economy?

As far as I am able, I intend to post almost daily on my progress. As far as help goes, I need a party (where by party, I mean, small dinner party size) at which to play this game.


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